Masjid Al-Eman, located at 444 Connecticut Street in Buffalo, NY, is considered a full Islamic institution.  It was established under the direction of the Islamic Cultural Association of Western New York (ICAWNY)* over 10 years ago.  This Masjid was made possible by Allah (SWT) through the generous donation of the Arab-American Federation.  


Many people have heard of the Five Pillars of Islam, a simple breakdown of the main obligations for a Muslim. Open any basic book to learn about this religion, and most certainly, you will find these five pillars. After the testament of faith, prayer, fasting, and charity, the fifth pillar is pilgrimage, or hajj in Arabic.

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MASJID ALEIMAN  -  مسجد الإيـمان

Service An Obligation, Not A Choice


Abu Musa reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "Every Muslim must give sadaqa." They said, "And if he does not find anything (to give)?"He replied, "Then he should work his hands, benefit himself and then give sadaqa." They asked, "And if he is unable to or does not do it?" He replied, "Then he should help someone with a great need.

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