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Marriage Services

Please take care of the following two matters prior to the marriage ceremony at our mosque see below in more detail explanation 

STEP 1: Obtain a marriage license from the Buffalo City Hall. The address and procedure to obtain the marriage license as is provided in below in detail.

STEP 2: After obtaining the marriage license as described below at City Hall of Downtown Buffalo NY, please contact the Imam at Masjid Al-Eiman. The Imam prefers to conduct the marriage in the Masjid as it always has been done in the history of Islam.

Funeral Services

As Muslims we accept the ultimate and submit to the wish of Allah, (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) our Creator, with patience; and pray for mercy and forgiveness for the deceased. Alhamdulillah, Masjid Al-Eiman has the facilities and a team of caring volunteers to assist you with the funeral arrangement. A guide to Muslim funerals in WNY can be found here.


​Masjid  Al-Eiman has access to a Muslim graveyard at Mount Calvary Cemetery Group, West Seneca/Cheektowaga NY. The purchasing of the gravesite and the making of the necessary arrangements will be completed by contacting the Masjid Al-Eiman.

Salatul Janazah (Prayer for the deceased )

The Salatul Janazah can be performed at Masjid Al-Eiman. Non-Muslim friends are welcome in the mosque for funeral services; however, they are requested to dress modestly. For any questions about burial matters, please call Masjid Al-Eman. The committee members will then take care of all the related services. The entire process takes time and your patience is appreciated. We, therefore suggest that the Masjid Al-Eiman be contacted in advance in instances where death is expected.

Read more about the marriage requirement below...

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