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Once you clicked the  Delete ​button you will see the next box and make sure everything is checked and click Delete

Once you clicked the Internet Options you will see the below dialog box and click Delete

if you happen to use Internet Explorer we don't actually recommend but if you do , please click as shown on the arrow in the bottom picture and then Internet Options

instruction on how to fix if the video is slow down or freezes 

It depends on your computer performance to watch this video fast......if your computer is full of computer virus or pop up advertisement, forget it you will have poor performance and you have to fix those first by using Antivirus software to be able to see our video in effective way(if you need Antivirus click here) , anyways If you are using Google Chrome which we highly recommend it for this Live Video or for any browsing of our website since Chrome is fast for internet browsing and searching. However for the time being If you find out the video's time stamp freezes or slow or delays down on your Chrome browsing, we recommend you to hold CTRL and H the same time and clear browsing data as shown in the bottom picture (Click here to download chrome if you don't have one)

Masjid Al-Eiman tv live under construction !!